It Doesn‘t Take WandaVision to Spot a Classic Top 3 signs you’ve achieved classic sitcom status:  The language and storylines still resonate 60 years after the premiere      2. The famous and talented lead actors are still best-known for the roles they played in            this sitcom Marvel decides to mirror one of the most well-known sitcomContinue reading “It Doesn‘t Take WandaVision to Spot a Classic”

Turkey‘s Away! What says Thanksgiving more than chucking live turkeys out of a helicopter?  Well, that’s exactly what happened in the classic television episode of WKRP in Cincinnati called “Turkeys Away.” If you know the show, you know the famous punch-line. But did you ALSO know that the plot was loosely based on a REAL event?Continue reading “Turkey‘s Away!”

I‘ll Take Quiz Shows for $25,000 The term ‘scandal water’ earns its name this week as the two ladies delve into the great quiz show scandals of the 1950s. Listeners will hear about the rise of the quiz show phenomenon, the chain of events that led whistle-blower Herb Stempel to expose the corruption on TwentyOne, and the impact this hadContinue reading “I‘ll Take Quiz Shows for $25,000”

In the Pit with Cobra Kai In episode 7 Candy introduces Ashley to the cultural phenomenon Cobra Kai. Calling on interviews with actors and producers of the hit show, Candy pulls back the curtain to share callbacks, Easter Eggs, and intentional choices made by the Cobra Kai show creators to satisfy both die-hard Karate Kid fans and also newer viewers.Continue reading “In the Pit with Cobra Kai”

An Episode You Can Sink Your Teeth Into *PLEASE NOTE: This episode and “Staging a Murder” (Episode 1) were the first two episodes recorded on January 2, 2021. They were recorded back to back and we didn’t realize the issue with the quality of the audio until after the recording was complete! We decided not to re-record in order to keep theContinue reading “An Episode You Can Sink Your Teeth Into”