An ‘Untouchable’ Reputation? The Truth about Eliot Ness, with Douglas Perry For many Americans, the name Eliot Ness conjures up images of a young Kevin Costner in 1987’s film “The Untouchables,” or perhaps Robert Stack’s version from a few decades earlier. Our younger listeners may not recognize the name at all. But for a time, Eliot Ness was legendary, famously taking on Al Capone andContinue reading “An ‘Untouchable’ Reputation? The Truth about Eliot Ness, with Douglas Perry”

All That Murder: ”Chicago” Part 1 CW: Adult themes/descriptions of violence LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED Gangsters, speakeasies, jazz, bootleg liquor, and “girl-bandit” murders… Chicago of the 1920s was the backdrop for the incredibly successful play Chicago, as well as the movies that followed. But did you know that the violent slayings committed by the sexy residents of ‘Murderess’ Row,’ RoxieContinue reading “All That Murder: ”Chicago” Part 1”