Whatever Happened To Bette &Amp; Joan?

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You’ve heard of the Hatfield and the McCoys, but how familiar are you with the infamous feud between Hollywood icons Bette Davis and Joan Crawford? Listen in to learn what sparked the initial feelings of hostility between these fiery women, and how their rivalry progressed to the legendary status it holds today.  Pettiness, drama, snarky comments… this episode has it all!

Show Notes – Episode 21!

Bette and Joan, respectively, in their Hollywood star days
Joan and Bette in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane


Joan Crawford…er…Anne Bancroft’s win for “Best Actress”

“A Timeline of the Real Feud Between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford,” Harper’s Bazaar, by Emma Dibdin, Feb. 22, 2017

“How Joan Crawford Became a Shameless Oscars Legend in Bed 75 Years Ago,” New York Post, by Nadine DeNinno, April 24, 2021


Trailer for “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

Part One of the Video Series Ashley references in the episode (focus on Anne Bancroft)
Part Two of the Video Series – focus on the Feud

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