Episode 140 | Wackadoo! The Phenomenon Of “Bluey”

About this episode

It’s an animated TV show, targeted to preschool children, that centers around a puppy named Bluey, her younger sister Bingo, and her parents, Bandit and Chilli. Each episode runs approximately 7 minutes.

Sounds like a simple concept, right? And yet the show “Bluey,” which first aired in Australia in 2018, is now not only a smash hit, it is a true global phenomenon.

But what is about “Bluey” that has made it so wildly popular –and not just with children, but also their parents?

In this fun episode, we explore that question by digging into the origins of “Bluey,” some of the key features that set it apart from other children’s shows, the genius behind the casting choices, and so much more! We even ask the parents of a toddler– all three avid “Bluey” fans– to weigh in with a few of their thoughts.

So save yourself an “Oh, biscuits!” moment and be sure to join us as we visit everyone’s favorite Blue Heeler, “Bluey.”  The show is also available on your favorite podcast app and the Scandal Water Podcast YouTube channel.

*A big thank you to Morgan and Michael for their audio clip, and to Katie & Zoey for their shout-out and episode introduction.

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