Troubles Never Out Of Sight: The Life Of Judy Garland

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Judy Garland
, perhaps best known for her moving performance as the red-slippered Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” would have turned 100 this year. But unfortunately, her life was cut short when she died in 1969 of an accidental barbiturate overdose. She was only 47.  

One of Hollywood’s brightest stars and a singularly talented singer, Judy Garland might have seemed to have it all. Yet she was tortured by insecurity, pressure from her stage mother and the studio execs who controlled her career, depression, and a dependency on drugs and alcohol. 

Join us as we discuss Judy’s early days as a child star given amphetamines for energy and weight control, her most notable successes as an actress and singer, her 5 marriages, her struggle with addiction and mental health challenges, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this look at the life and legend of the iconic Judy Garland. 

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Show Notes for Episode 65!

Photo Credits: Top 3 BW Images: The Gumm Sisters, Early Studio Headshot of Judy, a scene from “A Star is Born” – Getty Images/
Color Image of Judy Singing – Getty Images/
Wizard of Oz Image – MGM
Wizard of Oz Poster & Group Photo – The Wizard of Oz Days Facebook page
“Meet Me In St. Louis” Studio Still – MGM
BW Image of Judy, Vincente, and Baby Liza Minnelli – The Herald Weekly

(Left) The Calendar image Ashley sent to Mickey, which he signed, and (Right) the 8×10 image he sent back (also signed). Both read, “To Ashley Peace Mickey Rooney”
Below: Mickey’s namesake – Rooney the Cat




Judy in “Judgement at Nuremberg”
Mickey and Judy (plus a very young Lana Turner) in one of the many Andy Hardy films

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