The Ultimate Halloween Experience: An Evening At The Louisville Jack O’lantern Spectacular

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The dark forest looms ahead, trees towering on either side. There’s a nip in the crisp autumn air, and leaves crunch beneath the walkers’ feet. Then suddenly the sound of maniacal laughter fills the air, and the path is illuminated by not one, but thousands of glowing, elaborately carved pumpkins.

While this may sound like the start of a horror movie, it’s actually the fun, family-friendly experience that awaits you upon visiting the Louisville Jack O’Lantern Spectacular, one of the city’s most popular and unique Halloween events. 

Over 100,000 visitors attended last year, from all 50 states, to walk the trail in Iroquois Park and view the artistic display created through the use of 5,000 pumpkins… which begs the question: But how do they DO that?

This fun episode is designed to answer just that! Join Candy and Ashley on their field trip to the Louisville Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular, where they’ll take you behind the scenes to watch a pumpkin artist in action and speak with four people who help ensure the beloved annual event is always “lit”…  Brooke Pardue, Alene Day, Travis Reckner, and Morgan Reining. 

Where did the idea of a Jack O’Lantern Spectacular first originate, and how did Louisville come to be one of only 3 cities in the U.S. to host this annual event? How does the production team acquire, display, and maintain a “gallery” of 5000 live pumpkins? What process is used by the artists to take a pumpkin from straight-off-the-truck to display-ready? And what does the trail look like when you get a sneak peek on “gutting day,” during the final stages of the lighting process?

Add some fun to your Halloween by first listening to this episode and then heading on out to the Louisville Jack O’Lantern Spectacular. You’re guaranteed to have a GOURD time!

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