The Ultimate David And Goliath Story, The Beloved Sports Movie “Hoosiers” (Part 1)

About this episode

Gene Hackman feared that starring in the movie “Hoosiers” would kill his career.

Instead, 38 years after its release in 1986, “Hoosiers” remains one of the most beloved sports movies of all time. 

Suggested by listener Merle, who served as an extra during the filming of “Hoosiers,” this lively episode takes you back to 1985, when this soon-to-be classic was filmed.

What true life story inspired “Hoosiers,” and how was the making of the movie its own underdog story? How were the Hickory basketball players cast? What’s the true story behind the rumors of Gene Hackman’s surliness and Barbara Hershey’s unhappiness during filming? And what is it about “Hoosiers” that has made it so enduring?

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