Episode 141 | The Lovers, The Dreamers, And Jim Henson’s Muppets

About this episode

Say the name Jim Henson, and many people immediately picture a wise and lovable green frog sitting on a log, singing about rainbows.

But the genius of Jim Henson extends even further than his creation of a whole new form of puppetry, the Muppets, and countless individual characters– like Kermit and Miss Piggy– that are beloved by young and old alike. And that’s what we explore in this fun episode.

What circumstances led Jim to create the Muppets, and who was his often uncredited partner in the work? Back in the late 60s, how did the Muppets become involved with a ground-breaking new children’s show called “Sesame Street?” What role, if any, did Jim play in bringing Yoda to life? And why do some of the “The Muppet Show” episodes now start with a warning message? We discuss all this and so much more!

This episode is for the lovers, dreamers, and any person who has ever smiled at the wit and wisdom of a Muppets character. Please join us.

MID-ROLL AD: In our June minisode, Ashley and Candy share a few highlights from their own summer trips… ones that extend from the heights of a castle to the bottom of a canyon!

We love sipping the tea with you every week and hope you enjoy this brief, personal glimpse into our private lives. This episode, along with our previous minisode episodes are available to members who join via BuyMeaCoffee.com.

The link is in the bio! The show is also available on your favorite podcast app and the Scandal Water Podcast YouTube channel.

*A big thank you to Rich for his shout out, and amazing Kermit impression!

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