The Grand Canyon In Tv, Song, Print, And Film: A Wonder-Ful Setting

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If you’re looking for an impressive setting for your TV show, movie, book, music video, or daredevil stunt, you can’t beat the Grand Canyon.

Just ask the directors of National Lampoon’s “Vacation,”  Oprah, Criss Angel, David Baldacci, or a host of other artists and filmmakers.

For this week’s summer road trip, Candy and Ashley head to Arizona to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. 

What famous figure is responsible for bringing the Grand Canyon to national attention and helping protect it? What famous songs, shows, books, and movies have used the Grand Canyon as a setting or subject? Why are so many film projects turned down by the representatives of the Grand Canyon National Park? And to answer Candy’s burning question, is it REALLY safe to visit there?

This episode is sure to hold your attention longer than the Grand Canyon kept Clark Griswold’s, so join us for a WONDER-ful time!

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How Many People Fall to Death in the Grand Canyon?


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