The Creation Of Everyone’s Favorite Alien And The Classic Movie: E.t. Part Two

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“That’s no goblin…”

Part of the massive success of the beloved film ‘E.T.” was the little alien himself, who was described by one writer as “one of the most soulful, expressive special effects ever conceived.” Steven Spielberg himself once referred to the animatronic model as “the 8th wonder of the movie world.”

In part 2 of this episode, we focus on the creation of E.T., both the animatronic elements that made it an “engineering masterpiece” and also the human elements that were required to bring the endearing creature to life. 

We also discuss other behind-the-scenes stories related to the filmmaking process, from the involvement of ILM in creating the iconic image of E.T. and Elliot flying across the face of the full moon, to the design of the spaceship, to the directing style Spielberg used with his child actors. 

So grab your Reese’s Pieces and settle in to listen as we spill the tea about one of the most iconic 80s films of all time, ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.’ 

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