That Classic Christmas Movie… ‘Die Hard’?

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‘Die Hard.’ It’s the movie that transformed Bruce Willis from television lead to film star, redefined the term “action hero,” and brought heart to the action movie genre. 

But is it a Christmas movie?

In this week’s fun episode we go behind the scenes of ‘Die Hard,’ the beloved 1988 classic recently voted #2 on Variety’s list of the 50 Best Action Movies of All Time

What role did Frank Sinatra play in getting ‘Die Hard’ made? Why was Bruce Willis briefly removed from the movie poster while the film was being promoted? How were some of those famous action sequences filmed, and in what ways were they modified thanks to the complaining neighbors? Most importantly, IS ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas movie? We discuss all this and so much more!

So, welcome to the party, pal! Listen to the episode on your favorite podcatcher or the Scandal Water Podcast YouTube channel. 

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