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At 33 years old, she is now a billionaire. Her record-breaking Eras Tour has been so successful, when the concert movie was released to theaters last month, it also broke records at the box office. What’s more, through the course of her 18-year music career, she has built a fiercely loyal fan base, offering her the type of support an artist could wish for only in her wildest dreams

As you know all too well, we are talking about the uber-talented composer, singer, performer, and businesswoman Taylor Swift.

But not everything has gone smoothly for the global superstar. While most have heard the term “Taylor’s Version” and may be aware that “1989: Taylor’s Version” came out October 27th, many don’t fully understand the reason behind the re-recordings.

In this episode we delve into the bad blood that led to“Taylor’s Versions,” discuss Taylor Swift’s impact on the music industry and other artists, share our own reactions to her concert movie, and so much more. 

Don’t miss this fun and informative episode about one of the most famous, talented, and influential young artists of this generation, Taylor Swift. You’d never be able to shake it off. 😉

*A special thank you to two Swifties, Mackenzie, and Lizzie, for sharing their insights via audio clips, and to Kennedy for her opening shout out. 

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