Pro Wrestling Takes The Ring In This Spectacular Episode

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Beefed up physiques covered with a sheen of body oil. Stage names like “The Undertaker” and “The Animal.” Entrances accompanied by loud music and deafening cheers (or boos). Action-packed matches, sometimes involving objects like metal chairs or thumbtacks. 

These are just a few of the elements that might spring to mind at the mention of pro wrestling, but the sport is so much more than that.

What role did the carnival play in the development of professional wrestling? How accurate is the depiction of the Louisville area wrestling scene and the aspiring wrestlers of the OVW, as seen in the Netflix docuseries “Wrestlers”?  How do athletes and fans of the sport respond to claims that pro wrestling is fake? What did Al Snow– a former WWE wrestler who now helps run the OVW– mean when he stated that pro wrestling is the art of physical storytelling?

With help from pro wrestling fans Chris, Chandra, and Steve, we delve into these questions, and so much more! Candy and Ashley even brainstorm their own potential wrestling stage names… although suggestions are always welcome. 😉

Special Thanks to Josh “Double J” Johnson for co-writing & voicing our mid-break commercial. Help SW beat the Algorithm!

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