Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself… Plus Dolls And Clowns

About this episode

Spiders and snakes? Scary settings like graveyards or abandoned houses? Bogeymen hiding in the shadows? What ranks high on your list of scary elements in horror movies?

For many of you, creepy dolls and clowns would be right at the top.

But how did two common things generally associated with children and originally intended to provide comfort and entertainment come to be so feared? Join us as we explore the psychology behind this question. 

From the theories of conditioning and the “uncanny valley,” to the clown panic of 2016, to the rise of the ‘scary clown’ archetype in pop culture, to the controversial documentary about Wrinkles the Clown, we cover it all in this frightfully fun episode. (Mwah ha ha!)

#Fear #Horror #ScaryMovies #Dolls #CreepyDolls #Clowns #ClownPanic #It #Poltergeist #Psychology #MonsterMadness #Ticks

Show Notes for Episode 81!


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