No Bones About It: The Body Farm Changed Forensics

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Imagine peering through the slats of a fence only to spot a handful of corpses, in varying states of decay, littered across the ground. 

That’s exactly how one unsuspecting construction worker learned about the infamous Body Farm, more formally known as the University of Tennessee’s Anthropological Research Facility

Join Candy and Ashley as they trace the fascinating history of the Body Farm, the brainchild of Dr. Bill Bass and a featured element of a best-selling Patricia Cornwell thriller, and discuss how this innovative approach has helped revolutionize criminal investigation. 

You’ll also hear details from intriguing– and in some cases, notorious– criminal cases that Dr. Bass helped solve through his skills as a forensic anthropologist. 

This Spooktober episode is one you won’t want to miss, no bones about it!

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Show Notes for Episode 58!

Top Left: Primary source for the episode, book by Dr. Bass and Jon Jefferson
Top Right:
Middle Right: Smokey Mountain Living Magazine
Bottom Left:, Forensic anthropology training
Bottom Middle: Author Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass looking through Body Farm fence, Jefferson Bass official website
Bottom Right: Recent photo of Bill Bass, from website


Death’s Acre: Inside the Legendary Forensic Lab The Body Farm Where the Dead Do Tell Tales (2003), by Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson

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