Making History With Erik Archilla: Behind The Scenes Of The Hit Podcast “1865”

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When buddies Erik Archilla and Steven Walters decided John Wilkes Booth would be the focus of their college project, they had no idea it would eventually lead to a hit podcast that now has over 6 million downloads. 

A People’s Choice podcast award nominee in the category of Storyteller Drama, “1865 is a historical fiction podcast that follows Edwin Stanton in the wake of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The audio drama has been praised for its gripping writing, as well as the professional quality of the acting and sound. 

In a world that boasts over 4 million podcasts, with the overwhelming majority of them failing, what is the secret to the success of “1865”? This is just one of the many questions Candy and Ashley pose to co-creator Erik Archilla. 

Join us for this lively interview where Erik Archilla not only shares interesting behind-the-scenes stories from “1865,” but also insights about the art of podcasting itself.

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Show Notes for Episode 76!

Photos courtesy of Erik Archilla

1865 – Season One Trailer (Courtesy of Erik Archilla)
1865 – Season Two Trailer (Courtesy of Erik Archilla)


Interview with Erik Archilla

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