Jurassic Quest: A Date With Dinosaurs (And Their Trainers)

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It’s not every day you get to hang out with life-size dinosaurs and their trainers, but that’s just what Ashley and Candy did when they took a field trip to Jurassic Quest, a touring exhibit that has been called “the #1 dinosaur experience in North America.”

In this T-Rex-sized episode, you’ll first get to hear Ashley’s entertaining and lively interview with Safari Sarah and Dino Dustin, two Jurassic Quest trainers who’ve worked and traveled with the family-owned company for years. 

Then you can tag along as Ashley, Brian, Candy, and Kirk visit Jurassic Quest, a self-guided experience featuring true-to-life dinosaurs and a variety of activities including the opportunity to ride a dino, dig for fossils, and even interact with one of the prehistoric creatures. 

Don’t miss this fun episode– it’s sure to en-raptor you!

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Show Notes for Episode 77!







Interview with Sarah Safari & Dino Dustin

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