Jaws Part 2: Alcoholism, Script Rewrites, And The Lady In The Dunes

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CW: Adult themes/descriptions of violence

Three weeks before the filming of “Jaws” was scheduled to start, Steven Spielberg still had no working script. Desperate, he asked his friend, writer Carl Gottlieb, to “eviscerate it.” And that’s exactly what Carl did, desperately writing most nights to stay ahead of the next day’s filming.  

This Part 2 episode delves into the many screen rewrites, character changes, and plot shifts that occurred throughout the filming of “Jaws.” 

From Quint’s USS Indianapolis monologue that had to be reshot due to Robert Shaw’s drunkenness, to the situation that saved a main character’s life, Candy and Ashley discuss these and many other behind-the-scenes stories. The two also touch on the famous “Lady in the Dunes” cold case speculated by Joe Hill– writer and son of Stephen King– to have a “Jaws” connection. 

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The famous monologue
History of the Dolly Zoom (shot described by Ashley, but misidentified as being in “Psycho,” not “Vertigo”

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Sharknado Trailer
Production Company of Bryan Singer

Bad Hat Harry Productions is an American film and television production company founded in 1994 by director Bryan Singer. It has produced such films as The Usual Suspects and the X-Men film series, as well as the television series House. The name is an homage to Steven Spielberg and comes from a line uttered by Roy Scheider in the 1975 feature Jaws: an elderly swimmer in a bathing cap teases police chief Martin Brody about not going in the water; Brody replies, “That’s some bad hat, Harry.” The original 2004 logo paid animated homage to this scene. The current logo, introduced in 2011, is taken from the police lineup scene of The Usual Suspects.

“Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade” Stamp scene mentioned by Ashley

Website for Joe Hill

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