Jack The Ripper: The Notorious Serial Killer Behind Hitchcock’s Classic Film “The Lodger”

About this episode

Arguably the most famous serial killer of all time, Jack the Ripper has inspired such fascination, the term ‘Ripperology’ was coined to refer to a deep, expert-level study of his crimes, and countless people proudly identify themselves as Ripperologists

The notorious murderer has also inspired a number of books and movies, including Alfred Hitchcock’s 1927 thriller “The Lodger: The Story of the London Fog.”

Based on the very first novelization of the Jack the Ripper case, “The Lodger” builds on one theory considered by the detectives charged with investigating the Ripper murders– was it possible some unwitting landlady was actually harboring the brutal killer in her boarding house?

In this fascinating episode we discuss the true crime that inspired Hitchcock’s silent film “The Lodger,” the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. Not only do we walk through the case still regarded as one of history’s greatest mysteries, but we also share behind-the-scenes stories about the classic thriller. 

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