It Lives! The Legacy Of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”

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After her husband Percy’s death by drowning, Mary Shelley kept his heart, wrapped in a bit of fabric along with an excerpt from one of his poems.

And that’s not even the strangest part of this story.

In this fascinating episode, Candy and Ashley discuss everything from the birth of “Frankenstein,” which was sparked by a competition among Mary’s writer friends and fueled by a dream, to the way the Creature has changed over the years, to the legacy of this classic work. 

And in so doing, they also discuss the intriguing young woman who brought this monster to life… anonymously at first, with one factor being the fear she might lose her children if associated with such a shocking horror story. 

Join us for this monstrously fun look at “Frankenstein,” a ground-breaking story that is still alive and well more than 200 years after its birth.

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Show Notes for Episode 79!


Mary Shelley’s Indestructible Heart – The Rosenbach

Edison Films 1910 silent film

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