It Doesn‘t Take Wandavision To Spot A Classic

About this episode

Top 3 signs you’ve achieved classic sitcom status: 

  1. The language and storylines still resonate 60 years after the premiere

     2. The famous and talented lead actors are still best-known for the roles they played in            this sitcom

  1. Marvel decides to mirror one of the most well-known sitcom episodes in WandaVision!

You don’t want to miss this episode where Candy and Ashley discuss the classic The Dick Van Dyke Show, featuring one of Ashley’s all-time favorite actors in the starring role.


Show Notes for Episode 10!

Scene from ‘Dick Van Dyke’ episode “It May Look Like a Walnut”
Wanda and Vision compared to the Petries from ‘Dick Van Dyke’
Wanda and Vision compared to the Petries from ‘Dick Van Dyke’
The beloved autograph Ashley mentions during the podcast




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