Honk &Amp; Cheryl Allison: A Goose, A Girl, And A Fairy Tale Ending

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Near the start of the pandemic, amid lockdowns and the emotional toll of isolation, Cheryl Allison headed to the park one afternoon for a fitness break. Little did she know how her life would change because of a simple encounter that occurred that day …or that her new bestie would be a goose. 

In this special guest episode, Ashley and Candy speak with Cheryl Allison, an award-winning actress and filmmaker who thousands of Honk fans may know simply as Honk’s Mom.  

In an interview that manages to be both highly entertaining and also touching at times, Cheryl shares the story of her ‘unlikely friendship’ with a Toulouse goose she named Honk. Listeners will hear Cheryl share the story of their first meeting, anecdotes about their time together, her reflections on the legacy of this incredible animal, and so much more, including fascinating memories of her time on Broadway and in film. 

In the spirit of Valentines’ Day, your hosts are honored to share Cheryl and Honk’s message of love and hope. They know you will enjoy it just as much as they did!

Show Notes for Episode 22!

You can follow Cheryl & Honk’s continuing story on Facebook via

and Instagram via https://www.instagram.com/honk_thegoose/

Cheryl’s book about Honk can be purchased via https://store.bookbaby.com/book/honkstorybook
and the activity book can be found via

Cheryl’s personal website:

The video that started it all! Cheryl & Honk featured on the Dodo – June 14, 2020
“No Letting Go” – Starring Cheryl Allison

The video Candy & Ashley reference during the interview with Cheryl
More about Understudies & Swings!

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