Harry Houdini: The Master Of Escapes And His Mysterious Death

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What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a tribute to one of the greatest showmen of all time, the legendary escape artist who died on this day 97 years ago… Harry Houdini.

In his heyday, the “King of Handcuffs” was so popular, the verb ‘houdinize’ –meaning to escape confinement–was added to the dictionary, and an estimated crowd of 100,000 once showed up to watch him extricate himself from a straitjacket as he was suspended upside down over a street. 

But how did the aspiring magician transform from a circus and vaudeville act to a world-famous escape artist? What were some of the performer’s greatest tricks… and secrets? What caused Houdini’s bitter feud with his former friend, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? Why do some suspect there was foul play involved in Houdini’s death? And why is an Annual Official Houdini Séance still held every Halloween, to this day, in a different city around the globe?

No hocus pocus here! Just a fascinating look at one of the world’s most renowned magicians, Harry Houdini, and the loyal woman who stayed by his side through it all, his wife and stage assistant, Bess.

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