Great Scott! It’s An Episode On The Iconic “Back To The Future”

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Great Scott! With “Back to the Future: The Musical” having just opened on Broadway, what better time to revisit the classic movie that started it all?

Few movies are more beloved or impactful than 1985’s  “Back to the Future.” It catapulted Michael J. Fox to megastar status, led to the creation of two hit songs, fueled the skateboarding craze, and proved that sci-fi (especially time-travel) movies could bring in big bucks at the box office. 

This week we take you “Back in Time.” More specifically, we take you behind the scenes of “Back to the Future,” including a discussion of the changes made to both the script and the cast, Crispin Glover’s lawsuit, fun facts about the making of the film, and much more!

So be sure to join us for this week’s episode… it’s your density.

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Show Notes for Episode 96!


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