Episode 135 | Go, Baby, Go! 150 Years Of The Kentucky Derby

About this episode

A simple mention of the Kentucky Derby immediately brings to mind images of powerful racehorses thundering down the track, fashionable ladies in elaborate, feathery hats, and screaming fans urging their Derby pick to victory. 

But do you know how it all started? Neither did we, two native Kentuckians, and what better time to address that deficit than on this very special occasion… the historic 150th running of the Kentucky Derby!

In honor of this event, not only are we focusing this special ‘Varietea’ episode on the history of the Kentucky Derby, but we are also releasing it early so that it will hit your feed before the big day!

Who founded the Kentucky Derby, and how did the traditions originate? What significant but often forgotten role did Black jockeys play in the history of the Derby? Which jockeys and horses have set themselves apart over the years? And what special projects have been underway in preparation for this 150th anniversary?

These are just a few of the many questions we address in this fun episode. So go, baby, go!… right on over to that link in the bio. We bet you won’t regret it. 

Special thanks to Morgan and Mia for their listener shout-out!

MID-ROLL AD: Thank you to Laura A. & Jennifer M. for their ongoing support through BuyMeaCoffee!

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