Forging A New Path: Michael J. Fox, Christina Applegate, And Robert Downey, Jr.

About this episode

As Marty McFly, Kelly Bundy, and Tony Stark, they ruled the world. 

But in real life, actors Michael J. Fox, Christina Applegate, and Robert Downey, Jr., have all faced very serious challenges. 

In this episode we not only delve into the personal battles faced by each of these celebrated actors– Michael J. Fox’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 29, Christina Applegate’s diagnosis of MS while filming the final season of her hit show “Dead to Me,” and Robert Downey, Jr.’s very public battle with addiction– but also the strategies they’ve used to fight back and their inspiring efforts to help others facing the same challenge.

Join us as we discuss these three remarkable celebrities whose bend in the road led them to forge a new path. 

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