Episode 144 | Emily Blunt: One Of Hollywood’s Most Versatile Actors

About this episode

Her first acting job was with Dame Judi Dench; Cillian Murphy has called her a phenomenal actress; and she’s married to the actor behind everyone’s favorite prankster on “The Office.”

The woman in question is none other than Emily Blunt, one of the most popular and versatile actresses in Hollywood today.

But how did Emily’s issue with stuttering as a child actually lead her toward a career in acting? What role did Emily play in helping an acclaimed actor move from co-star to brother-in-law? What was it like to have her husband direct her in the “A Quiet Place” movies? And how is it that Emily’s resume now not only lists actress and singer, but also executive producer of a Western? These are just a few of the many questions we explore in this fascinating episode!

A big thank you to Haley for her listener shout out!

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