Cue The Fireworks And Bring Out The Brownies… Scandal Water Podcast Has Hit 100 Episodes!

About this episode

In the words of Justin Timberlake, we “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” of excitement over reaching a huge Scandal Water Podcast milestone!

How fitting that on August 8th– designated as both National Happiness Happens Day and International Cat Day– we will be releasing our 100th episode! (Scotty approves of the timing.)

Join the fun as we celebrate this achievement and close season 2 with a PAR-TAY!  We’ll share audio messages sent in by listeners, answer questions, and offer a peek behind the scenes of Scandal Water Podcast. 

The only thing that could improve this event would be an appearance from YOU, so be sure to listen on the Scandal Water Podcast Youtube channel or your favorite podcatcher.

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