All That Murder: ”Chicago” Part 1

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CW: Adult themes/descriptions of violence

Gangsters, speakeasies, jazz, bootleg liquor, and “girl-bandit” murders…

Chicago of the 1920s was the backdrop for the incredibly successful play Chicago, as well as the movies that followed.

But did you know that the violent slayings committed by the sexy residents of ‘Murderess’ Row,’ Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, were based on actual murders?

Listen to this intriguing Chicago Part 1 episode to hear the true crime behind two of the most well-known killings in film and stage history. If you thought the murders committed by Roxie and Velma were unbelievable, hold onto your fedora…

Show Notes Episode 44!

Newspaper article (top left) from; Beulah Annan (bottom left) with lawyer William Scott Stewart (left), her husband, Al (right), and two unidentified men from Chicagology; Cartoon Illustration (top right) from Chicagology; Belva Gaertner (middle left), the inspiration for Velma Kelly & Beulah Annan, the inspiration for Roxie Hart. Douglas Perry’s caption adds that Beulah is “unself-conscious at the Hyde Park police station despite wearing little more than a slip.” from; Stylish Belva with her legal team, including lawyer Thomas Nash from; Another image of Beulah from her night of arrest (bottom right)


Douglas Perry, author of The Girls of Murder City: Fame, Lust, and the Beautiful Killers Who Inspired Chicago

Library of Congress access to song Hula Lou
1924—Beulah Annan & Belva Gaertner — chicagology


Meme Ashley mentions during the episode

Pamela Anderson takes her first bow as Roxie Hart

Language warning! The scene Ashley mentions in the episode from the film MAVERICK (1994) “Everybody’s got a gun!!”

Book Ashley mentions during the episode
The famous “Hula Lou”

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