Agatha Christie’s Most Famous Mystery: Her Own 1926 Disappearance

About this episode

On a dark (but not stormy) night during the first week of December 1926 a woman removed her wedding ring, kissed her sleeping child goodnight, and drove away from her home. The car was found the next day, abandoned, positioned precariously near a quarry, with a coat, other items of clothing, and a driver’s license left inside the vehicle. 

There was no sign, however, of the woman, who was immediately declared missing.   

Her disappearance sparked massive searches, sensational news reports, and involvement from prominent figures like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dorothy Sayers. 

Why? Because that missing woman was Agatha Christie. 

But the mystery of her disappearance was not half as intriguing as the situation the police discovered when Agatha was finally found, 11 days later, using the surname of her husband’s mistress.

Join us for this fascinating episode where we explore the circumstances surrounding Agatha Christie’s 1926 disappearance. It’d be a crime to miss it!

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