Adrienne Shelly: So Much Left To Do

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CW: Themes/descriptions of violence

Adrienne Shelly had everything to live for in October of 2006. Her filmmaking career was taking off, her film ‘Waitress’ had a great chance of winning a spot at the Sundance Festival, and she loved being a wife and mother. So when her husband found her hanging from a shower rod on November 1, he knew she hadn’t done this to herself, no matter what the detectives said. 

As it turned out, he was right. 

In episode 25 Candy and Ashley explore the mysterious death of actress and filmmaker Adrienne Shelly, and her husband’s quest to not only discover what really happened but to also ensure that Adrienne is remembered as the strong, incredible woman she was, not as a victim.

Show Notes for Episode 25!

Top Left: Sophie, Adrienne, and Andy the night before her murder at their Halloween party (, Adrienne (The Daily, Adrienne & Sophie (, Adrienne (, Bottom Left: Adrienne, Cheryl Hines, Kerri Russell in “Waitress” ( Top Right: Documentary One Sheet for “Adrienne: So Many Stories Left to Tell,” Broadway publicity still from the musical “Waitress” Starring Jessie Mueller ( Adrienne & Andy (


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A scene from “Waitress”
“Waitress” Movie Trailer
Adrienne shares her inspiration for writing “Waitress”

Adrienne: Documentary Trailer

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