Episode 137 | A Totally Rad 80S Episode

About this episode

Lacy, fingerless gloves. Neon colors. Legwarmers over spandex, with a complementary headband. Parachute pants. Shoulder pads. Swatch watches. Permed hair with massive bangs, plastered in place with hair spray. 

If you’ve ever worn any of the above, you’re going to love time-traveling back to the 1980s with us!

What would YOU choose as 3 defining entertainment events, works, or artists of the decade? That’s the question we asked ourselves as we revisited the time period that brought us Gameboys, the VHS craze, Alex P. Keaton, Madonna, and “Cats” on Broadway. 

Recognizing that we’ve already featured some 80s megahits like “E.T.” and “Back to the Future” in previous episodes, what OTHER prominent shows, moments, or icons did we highlight in this totally rad 80s episode? 

Moonwalk over to the link in the bio, your favorite podcast app, or the Scandal Water Podcast YouTube channel to find out! 

Special thanks to Jill and Ardyn for our listener shout-out! Send in your own shout-out by emailing us at scandalwaterpodast@gmail.com. 

Music used (Not Josh Martin) “Arpent” purchased at www.FreePD.com

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