A “Halloween” (1978) Episode Just In Time For Your Halloween… Michael Myers Approves!

About this episode

Who doesn’t recognize the name Michael Myers, or the haunting, synth-heavy theme song that always announces his arrival… and causes an immediate increase in the audience’s heart rate? 

45 years after its release, “Halloween” (1978) is considered one of the most important and influential horror movies of all time. It launched one of the longest-running horror movie franchises, prompted a number of copycat slasher films,  inspired a generation of filmmakers, and introduced the world to the ultimate Final Girl, Laurie Strode

Just in time for our own Halloween celebrations, we revisit the beloved classic that started it all, “Halloween” (1978).

Was the film really originally titled “The Babysitter Murders”? How did “the shape” morph into the terrifying character Michael Myers, and what’s the story behind his iconic mask? How were Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis cast? What challenges did the crew face when filming a Halloween movie in California in May? And what did director John Carpenter do toward the end of the editing process that some believe “saved” the movie?

We discuss all this and more, this week on Scandal Water. So yes, Tommy, there is a boogeyman, and we take a trip to Haddonfield to visit him in this fun “Halloween” episode!

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