Episode 138 | A Better Pastime Than Listening To This 90S Episode? As If!

About this episode

It was the decade of grunge, Must See TV that truly felt must-see, boy bands with their synchronized dances, a wry Zach Morris smirking into the camera, and a kind-hearted but ‘clueless’ privileged teenager named Cher. 

It may feel like yesterday, but –hold on to your scrunchie–the decade of the 90s is now 25-30 years in the past! And it’s high time we revisited it!

But when considering the time period that brought us classic movies like “Jurassic Park” and “A League of Their Own,” the beanie baby craze, and Mariah Carey, which specific entertainment events or artists did we choose to highlight in this fly episode?

Use the link in the bio to find out! You can also listen on your favorite podcast app and the Scandal Water Podcast YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Kelly for our listener shout-out!

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