Betty White: Thank You for Being a Friend Betty White, beloved actress, comedian, and a woman who truly was older than sliced bread, passed away on New Year’s Eve of 2021, just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday. ‘First woman of television,’ shameless flirt, ardent animal advocate… Betty was all this and so much more. Join us as we discussContinue reading “Betty White: Thank You for Being a Friend”

Marilyn: The Blonde Bombshell’s Mysterious Death CW: Adult themes/descriptions of violenceLISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISEDAlthough often stereotyped as the ‘dumb blonde’ character, Marilyn Monroe was actually a complicated woman who overcame a traumatic childhood, studied acting with Lee Strasberg, co-founded her own production company, and formed relationships with a number of high-profile, powerful men.  Sadly, Marilyn’s promising career was cut shortContinue reading “Marilyn: The Blonde Bombshell’s Mysterious Death”

’Paul is Dead’…or Is He? In 2009, Time magazine included ‘Paul Is Dead’ in its article about the top 10 most enduring conspiracy theories. What’s more, ‘Paul Is Dead’ is widely considered to be the most famous of all music conspiracy theories.  In 1969 stories began to circulate that Paul McCartney was killed in a car accident in 1966Continue reading “’Paul is Dead’…or Is He?”

Natalie Wood’s Mysterious Death: Accident or Foul Play? CW: Themes/descriptions of violenceLISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISEDOver 40 years ago Natalie Wood was found floating in the water off the coast of Catalina Island, wearing a flannel nightgown, socks, and a down jacket. Her death was widely believed to be a tragic accident that occurred because of her drunken state.  However, in 2013 newContinue reading “Natalie Wood’s Mysterious Death: Accident or Foul Play?”

Bernie Tiede: Most Loved Murderer CW: Themes/descriptions of violenceLISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISEDQuestion: What self-confessed murderer can boast a fan club in his honor, a movie centered around his murder case, and a Facebook fan page with over 1,700 followers? Answer: Bernie Tiede, the man portrayed by Jack Black in the 2012 movie ‘Bernie,’ who murdered Marjorie Nugent in 1996Continue reading “Bernie Tiede: Most Loved Murderer”

Adrienne Shelly: So Much Left to Do CW: Themes/descriptions of violenceLISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED Adrienne Shelly had everything to live for in October of 2006. Her filmmaking career was taking off, her film ‘Waitress’ had a great chance of winning a spot at the Sundance Festival, and she loved being a wife and mother. So when her husband found her hangingContinue reading “Adrienne Shelly: So Much Left to Do”

Stalked: The Rebecca Schaeffer Story CW: Themes/descriptions of violence LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED When 21-year-old Rebecca Schaeffer (previous star of “My Sister Sam”) opened her door on July 18, 1989, she expected to see a courier delivering the ‘Godfather 3’ script she needed for her exciting upcoming audition. Instead, Robert Bardo, who’d been obsessed with Rebecca for some time,Continue reading “Stalked: The Rebecca Schaeffer Story”

Rose Mackenberg: First Female Ghostbuster Who ya gonna call? Rose Mackenberg! That’s right. Long before Peter Venkman and his crew showed up with their proton packs to fight the supernatural, there was Rose Mackenberg, Houdini’s top undercover spy in his war against crooked psychics and mediums. Rose Mackenberg was described in a 1949  Hearst syndicate article as “perhaps theContinue reading “Rose Mackenberg: First Female Ghostbuster”

Honk & Cheryl Allison: A Goose, a Girl, and a Fairy Tale Ending Near the start of the pandemic, amid lockdowns and the emotional toll of isolation, Cheryl Allison headed to the park one afternoon for a fitness break. Little did she know how her life would change because of a simple encounter that occurred that day …or that her new bestie would be a goose.  InContinue reading “Honk & Cheryl Allison: A Goose, a Girl, and a Fairy Tale Ending”

Whatever Happened to Bette & Joan? You’ve heard of the Hatfield and the McCoys, but how familiar are you with the infamous feud between Hollywood icons Bette Davis and Joan Crawford? Listen in to learn what sparked the initial feelings of hostility between these fiery women, and how their rivalry progressed to the legendary status it holds today.  Pettiness, drama,Continue reading “Whatever Happened to Bette & Joan?”