Candy Thomas

For as long as she can remember, Candy’s life has centered around a love for stories. 

As a young reader, she fell under the spell of books, which—in the words of Emily Dickinson– have the power “to take you worlds away.” Candy soon felt compelled to try crafting her own stories, announcing at eight that she’d be a writer someday. Her passion for stories only increased when she was cast as the lead in the senior play, a pivotal life event that introduced her to the world of acting. Who could have guessed the incredible feeling of accomplishment a performer experiences when bringing a story to life? Candy was hooked.

Declaring an English and Allied Language Arts major kept Candy in reading, writing, and theater courses throughout college. At the same time, a job in the field of education allowed her to explore language skills at a much deeper level. Candy’s professional journey has taken her from the classroom, where she taught 7th and 8th grade Language Arts, to her current position as Instructional Coach. Different stops along the path included a 3-year stint as a KDE Writing Advisory Committee Member, certification as an Adaptive Schools Agency Trainer, a position as a part-time instructor at a local university, facilitation of district and regional-level seminars, and recognitions such as the Ashland Teacher Achievement Award.

Candy found a fantastic life partner in Kirk, a fellow teacher, raising together two innovative and funny children, Kennedy and Camden. Yet, while Candy’s life centered around her family and the demands of her profession, she continued to find time for acting. In the past twenty years, Candy has performed in more than 35 theatrical productions, seven independent films, and a television commercial. She has also recorded the voice-over narration for a training video, served as a model for a webpage, and performed monologues for two podcast series focused on classical works.

With the launch of Scandal Water in 2021, Candy is thrilled to enter into yet another new territory of storytelling and podcasting– and even more so because she gets to do it with her wonderful friend Ashley. She wants to thank the listeners for their vital role in this exciting new venture!

Ashley Raymer-Brown

Ashley is an award-winning Independent Filmmaker from Northern Kentucky. Growing up, her favorite films featured Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, and Annette Funicello. Her comedic heroes were/are Carol Burnett and Dick van Dyke, two similarly long-faced, long-limbed actors who inspired her to take her gangly frame and love of classic Hollywood and enter the entertainment field, starting at her local level.

After a decade in community theatre as a long-faced, long-limbed actor (usually in comedic/ingenue roles), Ashley entered the film world in 2010. After a short stint as a production assistant for another company, she and a small group of dedicated friends branched out independently. Their first film, “No Lost Cause,” was internationally distributed and featured on T.B.N. (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Their second feature film, “The Hepburn Girls,” was released in 2016.

Switching back to the world of community theatre, Ashley helped found and became the Vice President (now President) of the theatre company The Theatre Downstream. After ten seasons, Ashley has served on the production team of every show in whatever capacity was needed: acting, directing, writing, publicity, etc. When the pandemic hit, she helped form “The Lemonade Jamboree,” an online branch of The Theatre Downstream that produced short films featuring alumni acting and singing original and public domain material. 

Ashley has also written numerous sketches, one-acts, and full-length plays. In 2019, she co-wrote the (now award-winning) full-length play “He Needed Killin'” with Rebekah Raymer. Their second collaboration “G.L.O. (Ghost Ladies of Ottawa), had its world premiere in 2023. In January 2024, Ashley became a member of the Dramatists Guild. 

No matter the project, Ashley is happiest when she can bring talented people and their art together for the consumption and appreciation of the public. While her taste remains vintage, she is grateful for the modern world’s technology and the particular opportunity this podcast affords her to work with her dear friend Candy and share her thoughts, aspirations, and brain full of trivia and random knowledge. 

Her lofty dreams are to create things people remember and own an alpaca one day. Above all, she loves God, her family, friends, cats, and brownies.