The Black Dahlia Part 1: The Murder of Beth Short

Caution: This episode is not intended for all audiences.

On January 15, 1947, a mother was out with her 2-year-old daughter in a Los Angeles neighborhood when her eye was drawn to something lying in the grass of a vacant lot. At first, the mother thought she was seeing a mannequin because of the figure’s unnatural paleness and ghastly pose. Horrified, she suddenly realized she was looking at the brutalized and mutilated body of a young woman.

More than 70 years later the murder case of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short, soon dubbed the Black Dahlia by the press, still remains open. In fact, Time magazine lists it as one of the top 10 unsolved crimes of the century. 

Join us for part 1 of this episode, as we share the details of the murder case and the background of the beautiful young woman, “Beth” Short, who fell victim to this brutal killer.

#TheBlackDahlia #BethShort #UnsolvedMurder #HollywoodHistory #TrueCrime #PuttingtheScandalinScandalWater 

Show Notes for Episode 82!


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