May I Help You Help Yourself?

Mental health conditions and behavioral disorders are more prevalent now than ever, with the spending on mental health treatment and services estimated at over $225 billion annually (2019). And with this situation has come the rise of self-help reality shows. 

Today’s episode focuses on two such shows, A&E’s long-running series “Hoarders” and “My Cat from Hell” which ran on Animal Planet for 10 seasons. 

From the debate over the treatment methods used in shows like “Hoarders” and “The Biggest Loser” to the discussion of standout moments (the 911 cat, anyone?), this lively episode will not only entertain, but also leave you wondering about your own stance on self-help reality TV.   

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Show Notes for Episode 34!

Hoarders picture
Jackson Galaxy, host of My Cat From Hell, which ran on Animal Planet
Chicago Tribune 

Jackson working with a cat on the show


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Bonus: Meet Ashley’s Cats

L to R: Rooney, Willow, Henry & Roxie
Bottom: Scotty

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