Bernie Tiede: Most Loved Murderer

CW: Themes/descriptions of violence

Question: What self-confessed murderer can boast a fan club in his honor, a movie centered around his murder case, and a Facebook fan page with over 1,700 followers?

Answer: Bernie Tiede, the man portrayed by Jack Black in the 2012 movie ‘Bernie,’ who murdered Marjorie Nugent in 1996 and managed to hide her body in a freezer for 9 months before his crime was discovered. 

Hear all about Bernie Tiede, “the most loved murderer,” in episode 26, and consider for yourself whether this was cold-blooded murder or an uncontrollable act triggered by Marjorie’s abuse.

Show Notes for Episode 26!

Shirley MacLaine and Jack Black recreating a cruise pose
Bernie and Marjorie
Source: Texas Monthly


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“Bernie” Film (free with commercials)

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