Stalked: The Rebecca Schaeffer Story

CW: Themes/descriptions of violence

When 21-year-old Rebecca Schaeffer (previous star of “My Sister Sam”) opened her door on July 18, 1989, she expected to see a courier delivering the ‘Godfather 3’ script she needed for her exciting upcoming audition. Instead, Robert Bardo, who’d been obsessed with Rebecca for some time, pulled out a gun and shot her. Rebecca died within the hour.

While stalking was already a growing problem in America at that time, it was Rebecca’s tragic death, and the outcry that surrounded it, that led to the nation’s first anti-stalking laws. Listen to episode 24 to hear more about Rebecca’s story and the societal changes sparked by her murder. 

Show Notes for Episode 24!

Rebecca Schaeffer
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Rebecca Schaeffer and Pam Dawber from ‘My Sister Sam’


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Promo for “My Sister Sam” with Pam & Rebecca

“Unsane” – SPOILERS for this film if you listen to our episode!!

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