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In the 18th century, the term ‘scandal water’ was coined to refer to tea, as people would often enjoy a juicy bit of gossip as they lingered over their daily tea. 

Now you have the chance to listen in each week as Candy & Ashley ‘spill the tea’ about a peculiar topic somehow related to the entertainment industry. 

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May I Help You Fall Asleep? Scandal Water

An estimated 20% of people experience autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), yet it’s a condition that did not even have a name until 2010.  Since 2010, however, ASMR has surged in popularity, leading to the creation of millions of ASMR videos on youtube designed to help people calm their anxiety and/or fall asleep. In this special episode, Ashley and Candy are excited to interview ASMR artist Hannah, host of the popular youtube channel Chili B ASMR. Listen in as the three discuss this intriguing topic, including Hannah’s insights and experiences as an ASMR artist and some behind-the-scenes stories about her work.  You won’t be able to sleep through this fascinating interview … but you can always check out one of Hannah’s videos later for that!  Chili B ASMR: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChilibASMR
  1. May I Help You Fall Asleep?
  2. May I Help You Help Yourself?
  3. Lucy and Desi: Unconditional Love – Part 2
  4. Would you like a Pod of Tea?
  5. Lucy & Desi: Unconditional Love – Part 1

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